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Riding from Awareness

The series of workshops are designed to help you, as a horse rider improve and transform your riding, as well as your relationship with your horse, by helping you to find balance: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You may also notice as you make these changes, that they also have a positive impact on your everyday life and a positive effect on the people around you. The workshops are run for you without your horse, they last for 3 hours, with a drink and toilet break.

Does your horse prefer to canter on one lead?

 Does your horse sit on one of your reins?

Is your horse more difficult to circle one way?

Does your horse prefer you to be on one trot diagonal?

Is your horse able to work correctly over his/her back?

Do you ache anywhere after you have ridden?

Our horses are very good at compensating, so if we are tight or tense in one or more places in our body, then the energy the horse creates from his hind legs, which is transmitted to us via our seat, is not able to be absorbed and allowed to flow through us. Because our imbalances and tightness the he horse will  often move his body in a way that is not a) comfortable for him/her or b) mechanically good for him/her. So you may find some of the above behaviours, and there are many more.  Ultimately the way the horse compensates could result in lameness or physical issues.

If we have a physical tightness or imbalance in our body, we may also have imbalances in our emotional state, in our mental state, with our thoughts and their patterns, and maybe we are disconnected from our spiritual part of ourselves. Tightness, tension and imbalance in the body may eventually lead to pain, injuries and illnesses.

The aim of these workshops is to help you with all aspects of yourself. We will work on the physical, to help you to find if and where you have any tension, tightness or blocks and then how to help release that. We will discuss and learn techniques to help with the emotions, the mind and the spirit.

I use my knowledge and experience as a rider for over 40 years, a horse owner and dressage rider, an equine and human spinal therapist and massage therapist, yoga and pilates teacher, mindfulness meditation teacher and coach. I have been lucky enough to ride horses up to Grand Prix dressage and train with some wonderful trainers. I started to notice the training was mostly about correcting the horse. Off the horse, over many years I have learnt about my imbalances, and how my mental and emotional state had and has such an impact on my physical and spiritual state. How my physical state had and has an impact on my mental, emotional and spiritual state. How my spiritual state had and has an impact on my physical, mental and emotional state. We are so interconnected.

In the workshops we use yoga, pilates and Tom Myers ‘Anatomy Trains’ with the physical part of ourselves.

In the workshops we use yoga philosophy, yoga nidra, mindfulness, meditation and coaching for the emotional, mental and spiritual part of ourselves.

The aim of the workshops are for you to build a better relationship with yourself, learn how to listen to messages your body, mind, emotions and spirit are giving you, learn simple yet profound techniques to help you with all aspects of yourself. This will lead to an improved relationship and partnership with your horse, as well as people around you, this will lead to a transformation in your riding and an improvement in your horses way of going, as you begin to unwind the tension and blocks; ultimately helping you and your horse find peace, happiness and a deep sense of connection and well-being. All for the love of the horse.

Each workshop has different themes, and builds from the previous workshop. Ideally attending them in order, will give you structure.

Workshop 1: Understanding the movement of the horse and human body, spine, atlas, pelvis and hips. We work in pairs for a small amount of time in this workshop. We use yoga postures to explore if certain parts of our body are moving freely or are restricted and then look at how that may affect our horse. We explore the movement of the hips in walk and trot. We look at the superficial back line on ourselves and our horses, this is from Anatomy Trains. We learn a fantastic mindfulness technique, called inner resource and some breathing techniques, which you will learn more about in the transitions workshop.

Workshop 2: We look at how the body moves in rein back, moving the shoulders around the quarters, moving the quarters around the shoulders. We use yoga and pilates postures to explore our bodies, gradually uncovering the areas of tension or tightness. We look at setting our intention, when, why and how to do it. We also look at our heartfelt purpose, exploring how to listen to it. We begin to explore body sensing. We look at the superficial front line on ourselves and our horses, this is from Anatomy Trains.

Workshop 3: We look at flexion, bend and circles, how our and horses body moves in them, and how we may block them. We use yoga and pilates postures to explore and release some of blocks. We explore feelings and emotions, and how they affect our physical body. We look at the lateral lines on ourselves and our horses, this is from Anatomy Trains. We continue to explore body sensing.

Workshop 4: We look at canter, how our body and our horses body move, how we may block our horses. We use yoga and pilates postures to explore and release some of our blocks. We explore thoughts and beliefs, and how they affect our physical, emotional and spiritual states. We look at the spiral lines on ourselves and our horses, this is from Anatomy Trains.

Workshop 5: We look at lateral work, leg yield, shoulder in, travers, renvers, half pass, how our body and our horses body move in these movements. We use yoga and pilates postures to continue exploring our tightness and tension. We explore the emotion of Joy, and also the Ego I part of ourselves. We look at the deep front line on ourselves and our horses, from Anatomy Trains.

Workshop 6: We explore how our body and our horse’s body move in transitions, explore any blocks and ways to release them. We spend more time with breathing techniques and how to use them for transitions. We also explore Awareness. We look at the arm lines, from Anatomy Trains, and how they move while we ride.